Licensing Complications

As I was filling out the State falconry application, I noticed in fine print on the back page of the license; “Note: A Federal Falconry permit is also required to practice falconry in the State of New York.”

Instant panic.

What was a Federal Falconry permit? Why hadn’t I come across this anywhere in my research? Why hadn’t my sponsor mentioned it to me earlier? WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO?!

I called my sponsor and did some reading online. Did I really need a federal falconry permit? Well, sort of. Originally, both the Federal and State government issued permits for falconry. However, revisions were made in the regulations that were shifting all control of falconry licensing over to each individual state; by 2014, the Federal falconry permit would no longer exist and it would simply be a state-issued permit. Some states had even already adopted these regulations and a Federal permit was not necessary there. My sponsor told me not to worry; because of this, nobody was checking for them and I wouldn’t have to get one. I wasn’t completely convinced, but I listened to him.

Almost two weeks goes by, and I speak to my sponsor again. The State has contacted him asking him for his Federal falconry permit number. As an apprentice, I had to put my sponsor’s contact information on my application so they could make sure he was a bona fide falconer. He had allowed his Federal permit to lapse, which meant he had to reapply all over again instead of simply renewing it. Now, I had to wait for his Federal permit to be issued before my State one could be approved, at which point I would then have to apply for a Federal permit.

Instant panic.

How could he have let this happen? How could I have let this happen? I knew that seeing my application would make the State look into whether or not Dennis was properly licensed, but I didn’t know he had allowed his Federal license to lapse! WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO?!

Well, there was nothing I could do except wait for the various departments to process everything and pray that they would get it done as quickly as possible.


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