Bal Chatri

Today I took the hardware cloth I had left over from constructing the secondary door on the mews and used it to build a Bal-Chatri trap. The Bal-Chatri is a simple but effective design that takes advantage of live bait to trap raptors. It consists of a wire cage containing bait, either a mouse or a pigeon, that has a large number of monofilament nooses attached to it.

Take a look at this .pdf file for some sketches I did before constructing the trap. Bal Chatri Sketch 3

The cage is either thrown from a moving vehicle or set up in a field where raptors are known to be. The raptor sees the bait inside the trap and makes a move to attack the cage. When it gets to the cage, its feet get tangled in the nooses, which tighten as movement becomes more violent until the bird is stuck and cannot get out. Some falconers like to use more than one mouse in the cage so that they scatter in multiple directions when the raptor attacks, causing the hawk to chase after the rodents and get even more tangled.

I’m including a video of the completed Bal-Chatri cage so you can understand what it looks like and how easy it is to make.

Bal Chatri from Sam Kramer on Vimeo.


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