Days 1-2

The fun finally begins! Or so I thought. I went into his housing, or the mews, on the first day, Sunday the 4th, to find him bating, or trying to fly, like crazy and looking around wildly, trying to get used to his new environment. I put him on my glove and foolishly manned him outside for about a half an hour twice during the day. For the first few days, don’t man your bird outside; there are too many distractions and it reminds them too much of where they had been just 24 hours ago. He was bating like crazy and would not return to the glove after attempting to fly; instead, i would have to untangle his jesses and pick him back up with my ungloved hand and place him back on my fist. The time he spent off my glove was spent in the weathering station. All he did was bate and stand on the ground. I tried to feed him, of course, but he wouldn’t even acknowledge the food because of all the distractions.

Sitting on the ground in the weathering station with his mouth open, a sign of stress. Crazy bird.

Hanging upside down after bating. He hasn’t quite figured out how the whole sit-on-the-glove thing works yet.

Day two was pretty a little better than day one. I gave him some water from a squirt bottle because I was worried he hadn’t been drinking and I didn’t want him to get dehydrated. I manned him for a half hour tried to feed him in the morning before school with no luck. My parents kept an eye on him while I was away and told me that he spent some time sitting on the side of the bathpan, which was good news. I manned him and tried feeding him again when I got home, but he won’t even look at the food even though he’s practically holding it in his talons. Oh well.


1 thought on “Days 1-2

  1. Jim Schaefer

    When trying to get a new bird to eat I suggest a long pair or tweezers and tidbits. Take tidbit and put it right in front of his face til he eats it. Then move tweezers down one inch (where crop is), then keep moving down to glove . Do not try to place on glove right away or your bird wont eat for days on end and may die. Your sponsor should have told you this. Lowering the head is whe the bird is vulnerable so its takes a while (cpl days sometimes) before bird will do this but in the meantime he needs food. Buslawjim-Master Falconer-CA


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