The Rest of Week 1

Days 3-7 were pretty similar. The general trend was an improvement in the bird’s behavior and mood, but still no success with getting him to eat. I began to settle into a schedule, mainly because of school, of manning and trying to feed him for about half an hour in the morning, putting him in the weathering station, going to school, manning and trying to feed him for another half hour or so, and putting him in the mews. I noticed every day that he was getting calmer and spending more time on sitting on the perch or on the bathpan instead of on the ground and he would bate less and less while on the fist. By day 4 he had totally figured out how to get back on the glove after trying to fly away. The only problem is he still wouldn’t eat! My strategy was to take either a large chunk of breast meat, a leg, or a wing, and hold it in my fist and wiggle my fingers to get him to look down at the meat. I tried to feed him both in the mews and outside, but neither seemed to be much better than the other. Starting around day 5 or 6, I noticed him sort of licking his chops, which my sponsor told me usually meant they were about to go for the food. I guess  whatever I was doing wasn’t quite working. I kept giving him water from a squirt bottle because I was unsure of whether or not he was getting water or not. Hopefully things will improve over the next few days.


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