Days 7-8

I’m starting to get pretty worried about the bird. It’s been a week now and he still hasn’t eaten anything. I’ve been talking to Brian, the falconer I went trapping with, and he says that it’s been a pretty long time for him to have not eaten yet and he gave me some new ideas, including taking a whole quail, cutting it wide open down the breast, and putting the whole thing on my glove in a dark place and shining a flashlight on it. I tried this and a few variations on it a few times and I still was having trouble getting the bird’s attention for more than a minute or so. Dennis keeps telling me not to worry about it and he’s sure the bird will eat. He told me that it’s not uncommon for a bird to go more than a week in the winter without eating, in a snowstorm or something for example, so that was comforting. Hopefully he eats soon though, because once it gets around 10 days, it’s been too long.


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