Days 10-13

Looks like all my worrying was for nothing. On day 10, the morning after he ate for the first time, he ate from me! I think I knew that would happen, in truth, and that I was worrying for no reason. I think now that he’s getting food he’s a little more active, which is good to see. He’s manning well, still bating occasionally but otherwise appears to be pretty comfortable. He still hasn’t taken a bath, which Dennis assures me is normal. h the afternoon I fed him again since he seemed hungry and the temperature was going to drop that night. I tried to get him to jump to my glove, but after staring at my glove for several minutes and shuffling around on the perch, it was no good. Maybe tomorrow.

The morning of day 11 I got Atlas to jump to my fist! By far the coolest part so far. He kept trying to reach with his mouth from the perch and almost fell over. I realized he wasn’t quite getting it, so I brought my hand close enough for him to a bite and then brought my hand out of reach again. He shuffled around on the perch for a little while and then hopped to the glove. I weighed him in the afternoon and he was getting up around 30 ounces, so I figured it would be better not to feed him.

During days 12 and 13 I got him to jump a little bit farther to my fist. I started working him up, in the mews only, until he was jumping about 4 feet to my fist. He’s acting calm still and I occasionally bring him in the house to warm up when it’s cold out. He’s getting pretty good on the fist and I think it’s time to set up the creance.


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