Day 15-24: More Creance Training

First thing on Day 15 I set up the creance the way my sponsor originally suggested; after the fiasco on the first night of creance training, I wasn’t taking any more chances. I brought the pitchback to one end of my yard, ran paracord from the pitchback to a tree on the other side of the yard, and slipped a metal ring over the paracord. I attached some more cord to this ring so that Atlas would be able to stand on the ground while attached to the creance. Training went really well. Originally, I was trying to randomize whether or not I would give him food if he came to my glove, because I had read about conditioning animals and I thought that this would be a more effective method, but my sponsor warned me against this. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice, so I listened to him. By day 21 or 22, Atlas was flying the entire length of the creance to my fist and had learned to figure out when I was taking quail meat out of my bag and putting it on my fist, and before I could even turn around to show it to him, he was halfway to me. It’s time to move him to a larger field, I think. Hopefully I’ll get a giant hood soon and I’ll be able to bring him over to Ross.


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